Quick Answer: Are Delta Flights Refundable?

Travelers can cancel the ticket and receive a full refund, including any prepaid fees and direct ticketing charges.

There is no Delta cancellation fee.

For those who purchased tickets at a Delta ticket office or an airport ticket counter, the receipt can be e-mailed to Delta and a refund will be issued.31 Jul 2018

How do I cancel my Delta flight and get a refund?

How to Cancel a Refundable Ticket

  • Find Your Trip or Log In, and go to My Trips.
  • Select the flight you need to cancel.
  • Click on ‘Modify Flight’
  • Click on ‘Start Flight Cancellation’
  • Cancel your trip.

Can you cancel flights and get a refund?

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, you can cancel a non-refundable ticket and receive a full refund of any airfare booked in the United States, without cancellation fees or penalties, as long as you booked your ticket seven days ahead of your flight and you do so within 24 hours of booking.26 Mar 2018

What happens if Delta cancels my flight?

Delta will also give passengers a full refund of their cancelled flight ticket if they request that instead of a reroute. ➔ If Delta can arrange for an alternate means of getting you to your destination, they’ll pay you denied boarding compensation equal to 200% of your fare, but not more than $675.

Are Delta flights transferable?

Seats are limited and all fares may not be available on all flights. Tickets are valid for the named passenger only and are not transferable. When you purchase a ticket here at delta.com, you can view the complete fare and ticket rules at the time of purchase.

Can I cancel a Delta flight and get my money back?

Cancel a Ticket

If you’re within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket, you can cancel your flight without a penalty when you book directly with Delta. If you purchased a non-refundable ticket other than a Basic Economy fare, you can still cancel your flight and can receive an eCredit, if applicable.

What is the cancellation policy for Delta Airlines?

If the fare is non-refundable, as most economy fares are, and it’s been longer than 24 hours since purchase, the fee to change the ticket varies by ticket type, from $200 for domestic flights to $300 – $450 for international flights.

Do airlines refund for hurricanes?

When an airline actually cancels your flight because of a hurricane, you can get a full refund on even a nonrefundable ticket. Although airlines proactively cancel lots of flights a few days in advance, you usually won’t know far enough ahead to do much planning.30 Aug 2011

What happens if you don’t cancel a flight?

In general, being an airline no-show for a ticketed airline flight means a traveler will lose any value on the ticket. Never no-show a Southwest ticket — there are other consequences; travelers should always call to cancel any segment so that they do not lose their airfare. Back to most carriers.8 Nov 2017

What is a covered reason for trip cancellation?

Typical covered reasons for trip cancellation/interruption include: Injury or illness of insured, travel companion, family member, or business partner. Hurricane or natural disaster strikes destination. Bankruptcy or financial default of travel company. Terrorism or mandatory evacuation at destination.

What is Delta flight change fee?


For travel within the 50 United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, change fees are $200 (per ticket) for Delta-marketed flights. After paying the $200 change fee, the remaining value of your old ticket will apply towards the cost of your new flight.

Can you change Delta flights for free?

If at any point, up to 10 minutes prior to departure, you decide you don’t want to take your flight, you may change or cancel the reservation for no fee. Changes are not allowed for basic economy fares on Alaska, American, Delta, and United, even for a fee.9 Apr 2018

Can I sell my plane ticket?

You can sell your flight ticket to someone else to if your airline allows you to change the passenger name. Most low-cost airlines offer name changes as part of their official policy and you can do it easily from your airline account. You can check if your airline allows name changes and its fee structure.