Quick Answer: Can I Add Travel Insurance After Booking Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean Travel Protection Program can be added to a reservation at any time from deposit up to and including the final payment date that is provided by the booking system.

The plan cost may be paid at any time from deposit up to and including final payment date.

Can you add travel insurance after booking a cruise?

When to Buy Travel Insurance

You can purchase insurance plans up to 24 hours before your trip departure date, but we don’t recommend waiting that long. If you want to be covered for pre-existing medical conditions, you should buy insurance at the time you make your final cruise payment.

Does Royal Caribbean offer travel insurance?

Royal Caribbean Travel Protection is an optional travel protection add-on to your cruise booking and is available through Royal Caribbean for residents in all states except New York. In addition, Cancel for Any Reason credits can be purchased separate from the Travel Insurance Benefits.

Does Royal Caribbean provide transportation?

Does Royal Caribbean offer transfers or shuttle buses to and from the airport? Yes, all ports have transfer services to and from the airport at an additional fee. When purchasing your airline tickets with ChoiceAir, cruise transfers are provided as an option on the guest preference page.

Can you reschedule a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Unless a change occurs to an existing reservation Guests can pre-pay gratuities by calling 866-562-7625 or logging into www.royalcaribbean.com before* their sailing.