Can I Buy Travel Insurance After Departure From India?

You can buy a plan even after you depart from India.

Some travel insurance companies allow plans which are bought during the trip.

In such plans, coverage would start immediately when the policy is issued and stop when the trip is completed.

Can I purchase travel insurance after departure?

Can you purchase a plan after your departure date? Yes, you can purchase travel insurance after your departure date, but the sooner you purchase, the better, as you want to make sure your insurance will cover you for any expected illness or injury that…

Can you get travel insurance when already abroad?

Travel insurance after departure

If you’ve forgotten to purchase cover prior to your trip don’t worry, we can provide travel insurance while abroad as long as you haven’t been out of the country for more than 17 days, and you haven’t purchased another travel insurance policy for the first part of your trip.

Can I buy travel insurance after departure Singapore?

Although buying your travel insurance right before you fly is generally acceptable, getting your insurance once you’re abroad may be complicated. Post-departure coverage can be tricky to find since most travel insurance companies in Singapore will outrightly refuse to cover a trip after it has already begun.

Can I buy travel insurance on the day I leave?

You can buy travel insurance up to the day before you leave on your trip, but depending on when you made your first trip payment (for airfare, a tour, or lodging, for example), you may not have some of the coverage listed in your plan.