Quick Answer: Can You Cancel Expedia Trips?

Cancelling your Expedia vacation

In order to cancel an entire vacation package, you will need to contact the customer service department directly at 1-800-551-2534.

Though you won’t be charged any money to change or cancel a flight as part of a vacation package, the airline may charge you a fee to change it.

How much is Expedia cancellation fee?

“Depending on your fare, there may be a fee to change or cancel your reservation. If a fee does apply, it is $125 (USD) per person, per change, in addition to any difference in fare.”

Is Expedia refundable?

Expedia For TD does not charge fees for changes or cancellations; however, when the hotel charges such fees in accordance with its own policies, the cost will be passed on to you. If you have booked a refundable hotel room, we will process your refund on the day of your cancellation.

How do I contact Expedia to cancel my reservation?

The reason customers call 800-220-8176 is to reach the Expedia Customer Service department for problems like Find Itinerary, Cancel Booking, Dispute a Charge, Make a Booking, Change Booking.