Quick Answer: Do I Need Travel Insurance For My Child?

Travel insurance is needed for children, regardless of whether or not they’re with their parents.

If your child is travelling with you, you can take out: Family holiday insurance, which could cover one or two adults plus at least one child (maximum 8).

Single-parent cover – much like family cover but covers one adult.

Do you need travel insurance for a baby?

Everyone in your family should have travel insurance, even children, toddlers, and newborn babies. If you’re bringing your baby on holiday, it’s worth making sure that any accessories, like travel cots and buggies, are insured as well – they may need to be securely packed away if they’re being kept in the hold.

What age is a child for travel insurance?

Some family insurance policies will cover your child if they are travelling independently of you, but it is also worth checking to make sure this is the case. Travel insurance for children under the age of 16 can cover: Travel cancellation or delays. Medical emergencies.

Can you get travel insurance for under 18s?

Is it possible to get travel insurance for under 18s travelling alone? Absolutely. There are a number of insurance providers that will provide travel insurance for a child under 18, whether they’re travelling with you, with another adult, or alone.

Can I get travel insurance for my grandchildren?

However, a study found that over a quarter of Grandparents do not invest in travel insurance when they take their grandchildren on holiday. If you are planning to take your Grandchildren abroad, it is absolutely vital that you invest in a travel insurance policy which covers all of you.

Can you insure a child that is not yours?

Most employer-sponsored insurers also offer “family plans” that cover minor and adult children as well as spouses. In many cases, your insurance provider will permit you to carry virtually any family member that you can claim as a dependent.

Does post office do travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance cover can be purchased from the Post Office up to the age of 85. However, those over 70 will only be covered for 90 days of the year, while those over 76 will only be covered for 31 days. Additionally, not all medical conditions are covered.

Can under 18s travel abroad alone?

Flying solo

Most airlines class anyone over 16 as an adult and will allow them to travel on their own. Children aged five to 15 travelling alone without a parent or guardian are classed as ‘unaccompanied minors’.

Can you travel alone on family travel insurance?

Each individual adult will be covered to travel alone on the annual policy. As long as children are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times, they can travel independently of others named on an annual policy.. We are unable to offer cover for unaccompanied children to travel.

What age do you have to be to go on holiday by yourself?

Minimum age for flying alone: 12 years old. Children 12-15 years old: May travel unaccompanied, however, an adult must sign the Form of Indemnity the day of flight departure at the airport check-in desk.