Quick Answer: Do I Need Travel Insurance If I Have Credit Card?

Just having a credit card with travel insurance won’t be enough.

You typically need to either charge some or all of the trip costs to the credit card that offers the coverage or use rewards you’ve earned with the card.

You may not get enough coverage.

Do you get travel insurance with your credit card?

Many travel credit cards include travel insurance for no additional cost on top of the annual fee, as long as you purchase the trip with your card. Not all credit card travel insurance is created equal, though.

What credit cards give you free travel insurance?

Key Findings

Best For Best Card(s) WalletHub Score
Travel Accident Insurance Chase Sapphire Reserve 87.50%
Luggage Insurance Chase Sapphire Preferred 92.90%
Trip Delay / Cancellation Insurance Chase Sapphire Preferred 92.90%
Overall Travel Insurance Coverage Chase Sapphire Preferred 92.90%

Does Mastercard provide travel insurance?

Mastercard offers the following travel benefits for all of their cardholders, no matter which credit card you may have. Travel Accident Insurance: If you or a family member dies or is dismembered, expenses will be covered.