Question: Do You Need Costco Membership For Travel?

Can you purchase Costco Travel for someone who is not a Costco member?


If you’re a member, you can book a trip for a non-member with your membership.

Or, if you’re not a member but has a friend who is, you can use their membership to book a trip and pay with your own credit card.

Do you need to be a member to use Costco travel?

In the case of Disney Cruises, Costco Travel may be the only stop you’ll need. Savings from Costco Travel can absolutely pay for a Costco membership, currently $60.

Do you need Costco membership for Costco Travel?

Costco Membership Plans

The entry-level Gold Star membership costs $60 and doesn’t offer any special discounts on travel services. The Executive Membership costs $120 a year and will give you a 2% reward on the first $1,000 in travel purchases.

Does Costco offer hotel discounts?

Costco Travel has long been a go-to for bargain hunters looking for a getaway, offering its members discounted rates on car rental, cruises, and vacation packages. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Costco members can now save 10% to 30% off hotel rates depending on the dates and destination.

Do Costco travel prices change?

The Huffington Post reports that even though the Costco Travel site makes it easy to find the best price on a rental car, those prices sometimes change. Fortunately, you can always cancel and rebook your reservation. In fact, you won’t incur any fees by canceling if you check back and find a cheaper rate.