Question: Does Costco Travel Price Include Resort Fees?

Yes, if the hotel (room-only) charges resort fees, they are included in the price, excluding all Las Vegas properties.

Please note there may be additional costs paid directly to the hotel at the end of your stay , such as internet and parking fees, outside of the control of Costco Travel.

Does Costco Travel really save money?

Costco Travel can help you save money at Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, as well as at Disneyland in California. As a self-avowed Disney nerd, even I was surprised by the savings on park tickets and hotel rooms. Costco Travel also sells vacation packages for Disney World, both with and without flights.

Does Costco Travel include insurance?

Unfortunately, Costco Travel Insurance has no Cancel for Work Reasons benefits or provisions. That’s a shame, because many people rely upon this type of protection. If you are still working, and need this cover, please look elsewhere. Costco Trip Insurance is not going to help here.

Does AAA travel charge a fee?

There is a free and premium version of AAA Travel. Whether or not you need to pay a membership fee depends on which travel services you need. While membership fees can change at any time, the current membership plans start at $66 per year and cap at $127.

Are Costco cruises cheaper?

The prices I found are usually the same or cheaper than what you’ll find booking directly with the cruise line or through online travel agencies like Orbitz, Expedia, and Priceline. But the main reason to book through Costco Travel is they often include extra perks like a Costco cash card or unlimited beverage package.