Does Travel Insurance Cover Cancellation Due To Illness?

One reason you could be forced to cancel your holiday is due to illness, whether that’s an illness you’re suffering from or a family member.

Most travel insurance policies cover cancellation if it’s due to unforeseen circumstances that you can’t help.

But do check your individual policy to ensure this is the case.

What is a covered reason for trip cancellation?

Typical covered reasons for trip cancellation/interruption include: Injury or illness of insured, travel companion, family member, or business partner. Hurricane or natural disaster strikes destination. Bankruptcy or financial default of travel company. Terrorism or mandatory evacuation at destination.

Does travel insurance cover if you get sick?

Does Travel Insurance Cover if I Get Sick or I Just Want to Go Home? Yes, and no. Trip interruption coverage reimburses a traveler up to 150% of their unused pre-paid trip costs if they have to end their trip and return home for a covered reason.

Does travel insurance cover flu?

Leading travel insurance comparison company, Squaremouth, explains how the flu is covered by travel insurance. To be able to cancel or end a trip early and be paid back travel expenses, travelers need to have a policy in place before getting sick. If a traveler is already sick with the flu, it’s too late for insurance.