How Do I Cancel My Axa Travel Insurance?

How do I cancel my Travel Guard insurance?

State that you would like to cancel your policy and that you are requesting a full refund.

Include your policy number, name and contact information.

Email your request to or fax it to 715-345-2915.

You may also mail it to Travel Guard, 3300 Business Park Drive, Stevens Point, WI, 54482.

Can I cancel my travel insurance policy?

Can I cancel my Travel Insurance Policy? Yes, you can. You cannot return your travel insurance policy for a refund if you’ve already started your trip. During the review period, travelers also have the option to cancel their policies.

Can I cancel my AIG travel insurance?

Most plans cover you if you cancel due to:

You are covered in case you, your traveling companion, or your family member gets sick or has an injury or a death occurs. Personal reasons. With our Cancel for any Reason coverage, if you need to cancel your trip because of a personal reason, we’ve got your back.

Can I cancel BCAA travel insurance?

A full refund is available provided no travel has taken place . This does not apply to the Non-medical Travel Package . To cancel your Policy, you must contact BCAA Insurance Agency orTuGo during general business hours .