Is Travel Insurance Compulsory For USA?


You are not required to have travel insurance before the US Government will allow you into their soil.

There are no such requirements if you are just a tourist.

However, those who are applying for J1, F1 and H1 Visas are required to have US health insurance coverage.

Do you need travel insurance for America?

Although travel insurance is not necessary when traveling to the USA. One night in a US hospital can cost you thousands, which will cost more than the best travel insurance policy.

Is it mandatory to take travel insurance?

Travel insurance for foreign travel is not mandatory for all countries but almost always recommended. For some countries though, it is mandatory to have travel insurance to obtain visa. This is often referred to as overseas medical insurance or international health insurance.

What countries require proof of travel insurance?

In an effort to protect themselves from the financial burden made by medical bills left unpaid by tourists, more and more countries are now requiring visitors to show proof of travel insurance before being allowed to enter.

Schengen Nations

  • Austria.
  • Belgium.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Denmark.
  • Estonia.
  • Finland.
  • France.
  • Germany.

How does travel insurance work in the US?

It works quite similarly to other insurance policies in the following ways: Purchase travel insurance before anything actually happens to disrupt your trip. Travel insurance primarily works in a reimbursement structure. You will get reimbursed from the travel insurance company if they approve your claim.