What Is United Travel Insurance?

This affordable insurance program offers protection on Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage for non-refundable airline ticket, hotel reservation and rental car reservation costs, or any combination thereof– up to $300 for cancellation and $1,500 for interruption depending on the cost of your purchase.

Does United have travel insurance?

United Airlines Travel Insurance is actually provided by AIG.

What is trip insurance united?

United Airlines said its “affordable insurance program” offers trip cancellation/interruption coverage for non-refundable airline tickets, hotel reservation and rental car costs, as well as coverage for emergency medical and dental, emergency medical transportation, travel delay and concierge services.

What is a covered reason for trip cancellation united?

Typical covered reasons for trip cancellation/interruption include: Injury or illness of insured, travel companion, family member, or business partner. Hurricane or natural disaster strikes destination. Bankruptcy or financial default of travel company. Home or business damaged, vandalized, or burglarized.

Is travel insurance worth getting?

It probably covers more than cheap travel insurance too. If your credit card doesn’t cover travel issues, then generally I’d say yes, travel insurance is probably worth it. If the money you’re spending on a trip is more than you can comfortably lose, then spending a tiny bit more to cover it is definitely worth it.