Quick Answer: Who Can I Put On My Health Insurance?

In order to add someone to your health insurance policy, you must first show an insurable interest.

That generally limits the people you can add to immediate relatives such as your spouse, children, or dependent parents and grandchildren.

Can unmarried couples be on the same health insurance?

Unmarried couples often cannot get employer-paid health insurance coverage for their partner. Some cities and states are offering domestic partner benefits to their employees, and more and more private employers are doing the same. A majority of the country’s largest corporations offer domestic partner benefits.

Can you cover a parent on your health insurance?

Most insurance companies allow two types of dependents: children and spouses. Even if you claim your mother as a dependent on your taxes, that doesn’t mean your insurance company has to accept her as a dependent on your policy. A small minority of insurance companies do allow parents to be added to plans.

Can you add your brother to your health insurance?

If your brother or sister is uninsured and you are, you may be wondering if you can add him or her to your plan. The good news is that adding your sibling to your health insurance is possible; however, the majority of providers will only allow extend coverage to siblings if certain circumstances apply.

Can I put my nephew on my health insurance?

Typically, a health insurance policy will define who can be a Dependent Covered Person. In most cases, a “nephew” will not be included in that definition. That said, if your nephew is a resident of your household and you have a legal